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Name:University of Kentucky

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Waterhemp Control in Early Planted Soybeans 2023 $18,307
A decision tool to identify economically optimum planting date 2023 $33,501
Development and Expansion of Disease Management Decision-Making Tools Across Multiple Soybean Regions 2023 $315,000
Distribution and Management of Red Crown Rot 2023 $21,790
Does Soil Compaction Limit Soybean Yield? 2023 $28,196
Evaluating the Quality of SBM from KY-soybean (Year 1) 2023 $81,070
Evaluation of soybean cultivars performance in KY 2023 $64,789
Studies on Molluscicides, Potash, Slug Management 2023 $18,140
Yield and ROI on Biological Seed Treatments 2023 $11,500
Assess Abundance & Control of Key & Emergent Pests (Year 1) 2022 $14,294
Characterizing high linolenic acid soybeans (Year 1) 2022 $10,000
Evaluating ROI of disease management practices (Year 1) 2022 $24,000
Maximizing Profitability of Early-Planted Soybean (Year 1) 2022 $28,000
Soybean Planting Date and Weed Control (Year 1) 2022 $15,886
Towards Variable Rate Irrigation in Kentucky (Year 1) 2022 $16,500
Assessing the Management of Bean Leaf Beetles and Pod Mottle Virus Infections in Soybeans 2021 $8,144
Balancing residual herbicide cost and application timing for maximum late season waterhemp control. 2021 $25,000
Can KY Soybean Yield be Increased with Foliar Fungicide and Insecticide Applications at R3? 2021 $50,137
Determining the Effect of Different Management Strategies on Target Spot of Soybean 2021 $18,000
Management adaptation and diversification strategies to increase productivity of KY grain cropping systems 2021 $28,180
Management of important soybean diseases in Kentucky 2021 $22,242
Soybean Variety Performance in Kentucky: monitoring soybean development, and evaluating yield and seed composition quality at harvest in commercial soybean cultivars in response to local environments 2021 $50,530
Use of plant growth-promoting microbes and novel chemicals for improved soybean yield and stress tolerance 2021 $31,500
Comparison of Temperature Inversion Frequency, Duration, and Formation time in Kentucky uplands and river bottoms. (Year 1) 2020 $12,412
Evaluating the presence of Dectes stem borer in soybean fields, weeds and assessing the tolerance of cultivars in Kentucky Year 1 2020 $15,712
How Does Management Increase Soybean Seed Protein? A Mechanistic Approach to Identifying Limitations and Opportunities 2020 $223,565
Reevaluating the University of Kentucky’s Soil Fertility Recommendations for Soybean Production Year 1 2020 $10,000
Testing Soybean Yield Response to Sulfur at Planting and Foliar Fertilizers Year 1 2020 $32,314
Causes and developing solutions on outbreaks of slugs in Soybeans Year 1 2019 $12,813
How does management increase soybean seed protein? A mechanistic approach to identifying limitations and opportunities (1920-152-0127) 2019 $197,780
Impact and Potential Control Measures for Vole Populations in No-Till Soybean Fields YEAR 1 2019 $37,870
Implementation of a comprehensive online and open access database for the evaluation of soybean performance in Kentucky YEAR 1 2019 $88,115
Investigation of the Influence of Low Drift Nozzles and Weed Density on Herbicide Deposition and Efficacy Year 1 2019 $24,750
Investigations of Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp Control with a New Generation of Glyphosate-, Glufosinate-, and Dicamba-Resistant Soybean Year 1 2019 $17,934
Management of important diseases and pathogens that affect Kentucky soybean production YEAR 1 2019 $44,390
Manipulating transcription factors to improve drought and salt tolerance in soybean 2019 $55,037
Development of High w-3 Soybean Germplasm (1820-162-0137) 2018 $49,223
Integrating cover crops and herbicides for marestail management prior to soybean 2018 $9,764
Support for Technician Position with the Kentucky Soybean Variety Performance Program- Year 1 2018 $50,530
Determining the Economic Value of Poultry Littter for Soybean Producers 2017 $18,469
Developing Irrigation Management Strategies for Soybean Production in Humid Regions of the Southern US 2017 $50,000
Development of w-3 Soybeans 2017 $29,470
High Moisture Soybean Delivery Advice App 2017 $13,945
Inoculating Soybeans to Try to Increase Yield 2017 $18,000
Intensive Management: An Option to increase double crop soybean yields 2017 $39,435
Investigation of mixed popultion of Palmer Amaramth & Waterhemp om KY with multiple herbicide resistance 2017 $17,330
Managing frogeye leafspot of soybeans with foliar fungicides adn resistant varieties 2017 $19,868
Optimizing winter cover crops for weed management in soybeans 2017 $38,093
Determining the Effect of Additional Fertilizer Nitrogen on Irrigated Soybean Yield 2016 $6,000
Development of molecular markers for selection against a soybean gene that restricts nodulation by the highly efficient nitrogen-fixing strain USDA 110 2016 $40,000
Introducing New Technologies for Managing Herbicide Resistance Weeds 2016 $13,109
PEP-NBT: Product Evaluation Protocol, and the Next Big Thing in Soybean Production 2016 $35,000
Developing control strategies for glyphosate-resistant weeds in Kentucky 2015 $16,670
Genetic improvement of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in soybeans 2015 $35,000
Improving soybean yields with crop rotation 2015 $34,928
Support for student internship with the Kentucky Soybean Variety Program 2015 $8,059
Broadening host specificity in soybean-Rhizobia symbiosis 2014 $42,810
Challenges in Soybean Irrigation-Soil and Crop Irrigation Management (SCIM) 2014 $8,090
Evaluation of soybean vein necrosis-associated virus infected soybeans for seed transmission 2014 $18,500
Fragipan remediation 2014 $35,000
Irrigating the Soil to Maximize the Crop - An Approach for Soybeans to Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Irrigation Water Management 2014 $16,388
Stressing soybeans to increase yield 2014 $51,932
Addressing multiple soybean pest management issues through integrated studies 2013 $25,787
An integrated approach to understanding the dynamics of poultry litter use in corn - soybean production systems 2013 $35,000
Raising soybean yield potential in dry seasons: Increasing rooting depth and greater water extraction with deeper depth to the fragipan 2013 $35,000
Survey of herbicide resistant Palmer amaranth and waterhemp in Kentucky 2013 $27,997
The ripper-challenge: Is compaction really reducing soybean and corn yields 2012 $25,888
Understanding components to high yielding soybean production systems 2012 $20,000
Understanding Soybean Responses to Root-Knot and Reniform Nematodes (2286) 2012 $132,398
Yield evaluation of high oil-protein soybeans and further increasing oil and protein 2012 $26,161
Engineering resistance to bean pod mottle virus in soybean 2011 $32,575
Kentucky soybean rust monitoring and early warning system 2011 $50,000
Reducing Soybean Yield Loss by Enhancing Resistance to Phytophthora Rot (Year 1 of 1291) 2011 $90,553
Survey for Strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot 2011 $18,000
Can foliar applied products reduce yield loss in soybean caused by soybean cyst nematode? 2010 $9,061
Enhancement of Soybean Somatic Embryo Development to Improve Regeneration and Transformation Efficiency (Year 1 of 0282) 2010 $74,284
Quantification and mitigation of pesticide application errors on Kentucky soybean farms 2010 $31,116
Sensing soybean canopy development and crop stress: Understanding the relationship to grain yield 2010 $21,000
Soybean fertilization: Is hidden hunger reducing yield? 2010 $3,000
Use of a novel virus based vector in search for resistance to the soybean cyst nematode and other important soybean pathogens 2010 $30,563
Develop glycerol as a protective agent against Soybean Diseases prevalent in Kentucky 2009 $22,443
Enhancing Soybean Yield by Manipulating the Expression of Seed Trait-Determining Genes (Year 2 of 8244) 2009 $102,908
Epidemiology of bean pod mottle virus and resistance to major pathogens of soybean 2009 $15,000
Evaluation of hulless barley: Minimizing the late-planted yield penalty in double-crop soybeans 2009 $2,500
Further Development of Soybeans with Higher Levels of Improved Oil and Enhanced Fungal Resistance (Year 1 of 9226) 2009 $59,474
Impact of newly recognized HG-Type 2 soybean cyst nematode and enhanced awareness of SCN challenges 2009 $9,100
Low soybean populations and weed control 2009 $11,000
Migration patterns for soybean aphid as indexed by capture in an aphid suction trap 2009 $2,388
Optimum planting date for soybean 2009 $2,000
Soy MVP: Soybean management verification program 2009 $84,367
Soybean cyst nematode sampling program 2009 $6,000
Soybean yield response to soil P and K availability: Optimizing fertilizer expenses 2009 $7,500
Validation trial: Yield loss prediction model for Asian Soybean Rust 2009 $24,000