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Name:University of Delaware

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Cover Crop Selection and Termination Implications for Slugs 2021 $4,440
Evaluation of aggressiveness among Diaporthe species isolated from Mid-Atlantic Soybeans 2021 $5,989
Exchangeable Cation Uptake by Irrigated and Rainfed Soybeans 2021 $4,901
Field Evaluation of Resistance Sources for Management of Soybean Cyst Nematode 2021 $6,180
Getting the Most Out of Enlist Soybeans for Weed Control in Delaware 2021 $13,317
Soybean Yield Response to Planting Populations in Delaware 2021 $4,650
Survey and Seed Treatment Efficacy Trials to Improve Management of Nematodes across DE and MD 2021 $19,115
A Survey of Delaware Soybean Variety Tissue 2020 $5,625
Can Slug Egg Hatch be Predicted? 2020 $7,641
Efficacy of seed treatments to manage soilborne pathogens of soybean 2020 $5,878
Evaluating Earlier Planting Dates for Increased Soybean Yields 2020 $5,215
A Survey of Soybean Tissue Critical Nutrient Concentrations 2019 $5,885
Correcting Soybean Manganese Deficiencies on Coastal Plain Soils 2019 $12,198
Crop Scouting Using Aerial Imagery in Delaware Soybean Fields 2019 $7,067
Having a Bitter Bite? The Use of Cover Crop to Manage Slugs 2019 $9,230
Mid-Atlantic Slug Parasitic Nematode Survey 2019 $19,707
Potassium Sidedress on Soybeans 2019 $5,285
Quantifying the Incidence of Yield Reducing Soilborne Pathogens in Soybean Production 2019 $5,423
Survey and Baseline Fungicide Sensitivities of Fungal Pathogens in Mid-Atlantic Soybean Production 2019 $8,185
The Impact of Cover Crop Species on Natural Enemies of Slugs in Soybean 2019 $11,121
Two Approaches for Palmer Amaranth Control: We Need Multiple Approaches 2019 $13,826
Control of Slugs in a Multi-Trophic Context: Using Friends to Manage Foes 2018 $7,194
Irrigated Full Season Soybean Response to Nitrogen, Sulfur, and Complete Fertility Programs 2018 $9,233
Late Herbicide Applications for a Palmer Amaranth: Can We Prevent a Train Wreck? 2018 $13,919
Pest and Beneficial Arthropod Survey of Delaware Soybean, 2018 2018 $7,242
Assessing the Impacts of Row Spacing and Fungicide Timing on Disease Control and Profitability in Double Crop Soybean Production Systems 2017 $5,407
Assessing the Impacts of Row Spacing and Fungicide Timing on Disease Control and Profitability in Double Crop Soybean Production Systems 2017 $6,007
Can Plant Population Play a Role in Reducing Lodging Losses in Soybeans from Dectes Stem Borer? 2017 $2,409
Evaluating the Response of Full Season Soybeans to Various Soil Moisture Levels 2017 $9,496
Increasing Yield and Profitability of Double-Crop Soybean 2017 $10,513
Area Wide Evaluation of Multiple Insecticide Applications to Control Dectes Stem Borer in Soybeans 2016 $3,870
Assessing the Impacts of Seed Treatments and Rotation on SCN Populations and Soybean Yield Over Time 2016 $3,986
Examining the Capacity of Phytophthora Capcisi to Spread Through Soybean 2016 $5,000
Effect of Fertigation on Irrigated Full Season and Double Cropped Soybeans 2015 $15,134
Statewide Insect Pest Survey in Soybeans 2015 $6,031
Variety Evaluation for Single and Double Crop Systems and Cyst Nematode Resistance 2015 $9,062
Weed Management for No-Till and Double Cropped Soybeans for Problem Species and Herbicide-Resistant Biotypes 2015 $20,394
Analyses of Phosphorus Origin in the Chesapeake Bay 2014 $19,182
Analysis of phosphorus origin in Chesapeake Bay 2014 $38,363
Evaluating the distribution and impacts of Soybean Necrotic Vein Virus in Delaware 2014 $4,939
Management of Palmer amaranth in soybean 2014 $7,742
The Impact of Tissue Culture on the Soybean Epigenome (1420-532-5645) 2014 $96,304
Control of grape hyacinth in soybeans 2013 $3,158
Management of slugs in Delaware soybean fields 2013 $4,800
Management of two-spotted spider mite in Delaware soybean fields 2013 $6,991
Rethinking no-till weed control for soybeans 2013 $7,856
Evaluating the response of full season and double cropped soybeans in narrow and wide rows to various soil moisture levels 2012 $35,113
Management for emerging weed problems 2012 $7,316
Management of stink bug complex in Delaware soybean fields 2012 $4,675
Survey for a potential new invasive species, the Kudzu Bug, in Delaware fields 2012 $3,686
Evaluating various approaches for weed control 2011 $9,793
Comparison of herbicide-resistance soybeans for no-till weed management 2010 $6,079
Evaluate soybean varieties for management of Dectes stem borer in soybeans 2010 $3,376
Improving grain and oilseed marketing decisions using basis history 2010 $4,816
Dectes stem borer in soybeans 2009 $3,952
Delaware soybean cyst nematode survey 2009 $3,300
Evaluate Selected Group II, III, IV & V soybean varieties for Delaware 2009 $3,000
Effectiveness of seed treatments for yield enhancement and Dectes stem borer management 2008 $0
Salt tolerance soybean variety trial 2008 $1,500
Utility and efficiency of fall herbicide applications for no-till soybean production 2008 $14,000