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Name:University of Georgia

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Soybean Varieties for Ultra-Late Production in Georgia 2022 $7,500
Expanding genome editing technology for soybean to enhance meal and oil 2021 $49,700
Accelerating Development of Soybean Varieties with Advanced Herbicide-Tolerant Trait Technologies 2020 $12,000
Discovery of gene cis-regulatory DNA elements to improve protein/oil content in soybean 2020 $255,050
Discovery of Novel Genes and Development of Soybeans with Durable Resistance to Multiple Nematodes 2020 $310,710
Continued Evaluation of Agronomic Practices Associated with Early and Ultra-Late Planting Systems in Georgia 2019 $15,000
Developing Irrigation Management Strategies for Soybean Production in the Southern US 2019 $20,000
Development of High Yielding Soybean Cultivars with Enhanced Seed Composition and Pest and Pathogen Resistance for Georgia Growers 2019 $40,000
Discovery and Deployment of Novel Genes for Durable Resistance to Multiple Nematode Populations in Soybean (Year 2 of 1820-172-0117-A) 2019 $310,710
Final modification, publication and evaluation of the Irrigation Efficiency of the Easy-to-Use, LowCost Regional Smart Irrigation Soybean App. 2019 $4,971
Georgia Soybean Rust and Fungal Disease Sentinel Plot Monitoring Program 2019 $30,000
Identifying Superior High Yielding Soybean Varieties Adapted for Dryland and Ultra-Late Production in Georgia 2019 $15,000
Race structure and fungicide sensitivity of Cercospora sojina in Georgia 2019 $10,000
Soybean Improvement with Insect Resistance 2019 $12,000
Support of UGA Georgia Weather Network 2019 2019 $5,000
Continuing Developmental Work on the Creation of an Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Regional Irrigation Scheduling Tool for Soybeans 2018 $1
Large Plot Variety Evaluation 2018 $1
Soybean App Evaluation in Georgia for 2017 2018 $1
New Breeding Technologies Applied to Meal (Year 1 of 1720-152-0103) 2017 $419,367
Development of High Yielding RR2Y/LL Soybean Varieties for Georgia Growers 2015 $43,546
Funding to Support the Georgia Soybean Sentinel Plot Monitoring Program 2015 $30,000
Georgia soybean yield contest 2015 $5,000
Identifying Superior High Yielding Soybean Varieties (non-irrigated & ultra-late) 2015 $20,000
Identifying superior high yielding soybean varieties adapted for the non-irrigated and ultra late planted production in Georgia 2015 $19,600
Joint request on insect resistance 2015 $40,000
Support of UGA Georgia Weather Network 2015 $5,000
Support of University of Georgia-Athens Georgia Weather Network 2015 $5,000
Virulence of isolates of the soybean stem canker fungus for three disease nurseries in Georgia 2015 $8,000
Virulence of isolates of the soybean stem canker fungus from disease nurseries in GA 2015 $10,000
Characterizing and using pest resistance molecular markers in soybean for management of stem feeding kudzu bugs and leaf feeding insects 2014 $25,000
Development of RR2Y/LibertyLink soybean varieties with superior protein quality and pathologic resistance for Georgia growers 2014 $43,330
Discovery of Novel Nematode Resistance Genes and Development of Productive Soybeans with Multiple-Nematode Resistance (Year 1 of 1420-532-5648) 2014 $323,186
Improving soybean production practices in Georgia: Investigating strategies to maximize yield and minimize risk of poor performance 2014 $20,000
Soybean genes for resistance to the kudzu bug 2014 $15,000
The UGA Soybean Production Guide 2014 $5,000
Evaluation of soybean performance based on varieties, herbicide traits, irrigation, planting dates, and maturity groups 2013 $25,000
Identifying superior high yielding soybean varieties 2013 $15,000
Management of kudzu bugs on soybean in Georgia chemical based 2013 $20,000
Soybean Production Guide 2013 $5,000
Soybean response to Diuron 2013 $2,800
Identifying superior high yielding soybean varieties adapted for non-irrigated production in Georgia 2012 $15,000
Novel Yield Genes from Cultivated and Wild Japanese Soybean: Gene Cloning and Introgression into Elite Soybean Breeding Lines (Year 1 of 1248) 2011 $220,000
Developing soybean resistance to the lesser cornstalk borer, stink bugs and defoliators 2010 $15,000
Evaluation of agronomic inputs for Georgia soybean production 2010 $25,000
Impact of climate variability and tropical storms on the incidence of Asian soybean rust in the sentinel plots in Georgia 2010 $5,000
Managing herbicide resistant Palmer amaranth with the Liberty-Link (LL) soybean system (Ignite-based programs 2010 $3,500
Supplement to the Center for Soybean Tissue Culture Engineering: Engineering Soybean for Effective Resistance to SCN (Year 1 of 9257) 2010 $121,285
UGA Soybean Production Guide 2010 $5,000
A Gene for Insect Resistance from Soybean (Year 1 of 9236) 2009 $36,150
Center for Soybean Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering: Engineering Soybean for Effective Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode (Year 2 of 8211) 2009 $359,766
Development of rust resistance Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean varieties that produce superior poultry meal 2009 $25,000
Environmental monitoring of soybean sentinel plots using the UGA weather network 2009 $5,000
Evaluating plant resistance and natural enemies for suppressing stink bug populations in soybeans 2009 $5,800
Evaluating sharp tip pubescence trait for insect resistance in "Benning" soybean 2009 $12,000
Evaluation of current Georgia soybean cultivars to Metribuzin herbicides 2009 $10,000
Fine Mapping, Identification of Gene Candidates, and Commercialization of Yield Enhancing Alleles from a Japanese Germplasm Line (Year 2 of 7248) 2009 $149,703
Funding to support activities of the University of Georgia's soybean team 2009 $30,200
Soybean Irrigation Study 2009 $2,000
UGA Soybean Production Guide 2009 $5,000