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Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Determining the Repercussions of Declining Test Weight on Seed Composition & Value 2021 $197,522
Drought Resiliency for the Farm – Yield Limitations of Commercial Soybean Varieties under Drought: Identifying and Overcoming Weaknesses via “Team Drought’s” Public Breeding Pipeline 2021 $465,000
Identifying key targets for soybean seed protein concentration improvement by creating a virtual soybean model 2021 $113,424
Developing High Protein, Low Oil Content Soybeans that Provide Enhanced Nutritional and Economic Value 2020 $252,729
Discovery of Trait Genes, Alleles, Germplasm and Functional Markers for Soybean Seed Quality Improvement through a Highly Effective Big-Data Driven Technology Platform 2020 $160,000
Enhancing Protein Quality while Maintaining Protein Amount with Insights Generated from Soybean Mutants 2020 $96,578
High Oleic/Low Linolenic Acid Soybean Deployment 2020 $708,965
Improving on Perfection; Gene Editing to Reduce or Eliminate Anti-Nutritional Factors in Soybean Seeds That Have Been Shown to Reduce Economic Value 2020 $204,930
Protein-based thermotolerance markers for sustainable legume protein production 2020 $15,000
Developing improved soybean lines for seed composition, quality, and heat tolereance in Miss. 2019 $22,210
Development and dissemination of an irrigation schedule on smartphones for soybean irrigation water management in the Miss. Delta 2019 $13,340
Discover Sources, Genes and Develop U.S. Adapted Germplasm with Improved Protein Quantity and Quality Utilizing Diversity in Cultivated and Wild soybeans (1920-152-0103-A) 2019 $1,512,400
Evaluation of soybean breeding lines for resistance to Phomopsis seed decay (PSD) and for high seed germinability 2019 $25,000
Stabilizing dryland soybean yield and profit in dominant soils across Mississippi 2019 $29,125
Yield Potential of Commercial Varieties Under Drought- Identifying and Overcoming Weaknesses via the Public Breeding Pipeline (1920-172-0133) 2019 $465,002
Improving Seed Protein Through Management and Understanding Nitrogen Metabolism (Year 1 of 1820-152-0139) 2018 $131,169
Yield Potential of Commercial Varieties Under Drought - Identifying and Overcoming Weaknesses Through Public Breeding Advances (1820-172-0118-C) 2018 $395,000
High Oleic/Low Lin (HOLL) Soybean Breeding (Year 1 of 1720-162-0109) 2017 $1,065,244
Soy Protein Products from Aqueous Extraction Process: Method Optimization, Quality Evaluation and Growth Performance in Trout Feeding Studies - Phase I 2017 $44,450
Utilizing Unique Genetic Diversity to Combine Elevated Protein Concentration with High Yield in New Varieties and Experimental Lines (1720-152-0104) 2017 $456,773
Development of High Yielding Soybean Cultivars and Germplasm with Higher Seed Protein Content and Improved Amino Acid Composition (Year 2 of 1420-532-5638) 2015 $474,141
2014 Northern Region Uniform Soybean Tests (1420-532-5646) 2014 $7,800
Characterization and Deployment of the High Stearic Acid Soybean Oil Trait (1420-632-6605) 2014 $210,201
Developing Accurate and Globally Accepted Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) Analytical Standards of Soybean Sugar Compositions (1420-832-8274) 2014 $154,406
Development of High Yielding Soybean Cultivars and Germplasm with Higher Seed Protein Content and Improved Amino Acid Composition (Year 1 of 1420-532-5638) 2014 $237,070
Drought, Heat, and Flood Tolerant Varieties for the Midwest and South: Building on Success (Year 1 of 1420-532-5613) 2014 $1,603,976
High Oleic Soybean Breeding (1420-632-6608) 2014 $1,000,726
Increasing Soybean Yield with Exotic Germplasm (Year 1 of 1420-532-5650) 2014 $1,102,021
Charcoal Rot Disease Development and Its Impact on Soybean Yield in the North Central U.S. (1320-532-5611) 2013 $144,208
Northern Uniform Soybean Tests (1320-832-8271) 2013 $7,750
Characterizing an Alternative Gene Pool for Increasing U.S. Soybean Yield (Year 1 of 2219) 2012 $108,617
Deploying Molecular Markers for Soybean Maturity Genes for Yield Enhancement and Efficient Trait Introgression (Year 1 of 2505) 2012 $97,040
Identification of soybean varieties with resistance to Phomopsis seed decay (PSD) to enhance soybean seed quality 2012 $30,928
Expanding the Genetic Base of U.S. Soybean Production to Improve Productivity (Year 1 of 1232) 2011 $557,017
Founder Lines for Improved Soybean Biotechnology (Year 1 of 1263) 2011 $120,852
High-Impact Research for Soybean Improvement Using Genetics and Genomics (1204) 2011 $4,790,733
Soybean Raffinose Family of Oligosaccharides Environmental Stability Study (1295) 2011 $27,700
Transferring SCN Resistance from Glycine Tomentella to Soybean (Year 1 of 1289) 2011 $97,359
Screening Germplasm and Breeding for Resistance to Phomopsis Seed Decay in Soybean (Year 1 of 9261) 2009 $125,500
Genetics and Mapping of Charcoal Rot Resistance (Year 1 of 8245) 2008 $119,200