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Identification and biology of seedling pathogens of soybean

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:North Central Soybean Research Program
Categories:Soybean diseases, Analytical standards & measurements
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Project Year:2012
Lead Principal Investigator:Jason Bond (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale)
Co-Principal Investigators:
Leonor Leandro (Iowa State University)
Gary Munkvold (Iowa State University)
Alison Robertson (Iowa State University)
Christopher Little (Kansas State University)
Martin Chilvers (Michigan State University)
Berlin Nelson (North Dakota State University)
Kiersten Wise (Purdue University)
Ahmad Fakhoury (Southern Illinois University)
Anne Dorrance (The Ohio State University)
Craig Rothrock (University of Arkansas)
John Rupe (University of Arkansas)
Carl Bradley (University of Kentucky)
James Kurle (University of Minnesota)
Dean Malvick (University of Minnesota)
Grover Shannon (University of Missouri)
Loren Giesler (University of Nebraska)
Paul Esker (University of Wisconsin)
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Keywords: Soybean Diseases, Soybean Diseases Assays, Soybean Seeding Diseases

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Project Summary

Soybean pathogens have been shown to cause seedling diseases which result in poor stands, weak plants and reduced seed yields. Researchers agree that there is a lot of information unknown about the biology of the individual pathogens and the factors involved in disease development in the field environment. This research project will advance our understanding of the pathogens that cause seedling diseases and root rots, the relative importance of the various pathogens in the region, and insight on the aggressiveness of the various pathogens under different environmental conditions.

Project Objectives

1. Identify fungi responsible for causing seedling blights of soybean.

2. Develop high throughput diagnostic tools for identifying fungal seeding pathogens.

3. Characterize the biology of seedling pathogens and develop assays for inoculation.

4. Identify the impact of environmental conditions on seedling pathogens.

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