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Agronomic maximization of soybean yield and quality

Parent Project: This is the first year of this project.
Checkoff Organization:Kansas Soybean Commission
Categories:Economics, Marketing
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Project Year:2014
Lead Principal Investigator:Kraig Roozeboom (Kansas State University)
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Project Summary

Increasingly, marketing information from agrichemical companies promotes the use of multiple added products with little supporting data, yet rarely have multiple management practices been studied together as potential management scenarios for soybean producers.

Project Objectives

1. Determine the best yield-protecting or yield-enhancing product or combination of the newest products to increase soybean yields using the maximum yield concept of SOYA (Systematic Optimization of Yield-enhancing Applications). Products and systems will be evaluated for utility both on a large-scale regional basis as well as within specific production environments.
2. Evaluate the interaction of these yield-enhancing products with next generation high-yielding varieties and current varieties, under both aggressive and standard soybean management practices to better understand how management interacts with variety choice.
3. Evaluate the interaction of the SOYA treatments with plant population to better understand the impact of aggressive management on minimum required seeding rates and to broaden and verify minimum seeding rate recommendations determined in the project "Agronomy Limitations of Soybean Yield and Seed Quality in the USA".
4. Evaluate the interaction of yield-enhancing products with different row spacing's under aggressive and standard soybean management practices to better understand how management interacts with row spacing.
5. Educate soybean producers and agronomy professionals about the best yield-protecting or enhancing product, or combinations of these products, along with the best management practices that maximize soybean yield and increase grower profitability.

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