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Name:Kansas State University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Biotech approaches for enhanced disease resistance in soybean 2024 $75,058
Improving our ability to detect, predict, and manage soybean sudden death syndrome in Kansas 2024 $48,848
Optimal extrusion processing condition for dog diets containing prebiotic levels of WSB 2024 $117,972
Increase Soybean Nutritional Values and Consumer Acceptability for use in Pet Foods through Fermentation Technology 2023 $121,167
Increasing Market Competitiveness and Adding Value to Soy Ingredients for Improved Plant-Based Meat Applications 2023 $78,790
Multiple Herbicide Resistance in Palmer amaranth and Use of Gene Editing for its Management 2023 $53,000
Soybean Nutrition and Planting Date (and Dry-Down) Effects on Yield and Seed Quality 2023 $34,961
Development of Population-Based Tactics to Manage Key Kansas Soybean Insect Pests 2022 $71,847
Improving Phosphorus Management for Soybean: Integrating Cover Crops and Fertilizer Placement and Time 2022 $40,741
Mapping soybean protein and oil quality in farmer fields 2022 $189,312
Optimizing Residual Herbicides to Manage Pigweeds in Early Planted Soybeans 2022 $41,071
Soybean Production Systems to Improve Soil Health and Control Soil-borne Diseases 2022 $44,152
Techniques for Rapid Data Analytics of Remotely Sensed Data for Phenotypic and Precision Agriculture Applications 2022 $39,925
Weed seed bank depletion: investigating an overlooked benefit of cover crops 2022 $35,466
A Day Late and a Dollar Short - Early Soybean Planting 2021 $33,606
Determination of the Dose and Efficacy of Market Positive Attributes from Whole Soy in Extruded Pet Diets 2021 $77,310
Genetically-Engineered Soybean - A Novel Way to Safeguard Kansas Soybeans from Severe Drought and Heat Stress 2021 $40,000
Mitigating Soybean Root and Seedling Diseases in Kansas 2021 $43,540
Row Spacing and Residual Herbicide Use in Enlist and LLGT27 Soybeans 2021 $34,003
Develop Valuable Soybean Varieties and Germplasm for Use as Genetic Resources for Companies and for Direct On-Farm Production 2020 $249,991
Assessment of Soil Potassium Bioavailability and Improving Diagnostics Tools for K Management on Soybean in Kansas 2019 $43,329
Improving Meteorological Measurements at Kansas Mesonet Weather Stations to Assist with Herbicide Drift Monitoring 2019 $26,588
Improving Soybean Yields by Enhancing Seed Filling 2019 $27,500
Investigating SDS and Fusarium Root Rot Resistance, Preventative Seed Treatments, and Pathogen Variability in Kansas 2019 $39,950
Investigation of Genetic Basis of 2,4-D and Dicamba Resistance in Palmer amaranth 2019 $30,000
Plasma-Activated Irrigation for Improving Soybean Development and Disease Tolerance 2019 $50,000
Effect of Cultural Practices on Soybean Seed Quality: A Review and Research Studies (Year 1 of 1820-152-0108) 2018 $399,785
Improving Soybean Yield in the Double Crop Soybean System 2018 $29,333
Investigation of Herbicide Resistance in Waterhemp and Palmer amaranth in Kansas: Survey, Mechanism, and Management 2018 $65,000
Non-Xtend Soybean Response to Simulated Dicamba Drift 2018 $32,893
Control of Pigweed with an Integrated Systems Approach in Soybean. 2017 $30,851
Development of Genetic, Chemical and Population-Based Tactics to Manage Key Kansas Soybean Insect Pests 2017 $66,710
Evaluation of Soil Health Test to Determine Fertilizer Needs for Soybean in Kansas 2017 $36,932
High-throughput Platform to Enhance Quality of Beans and Add Value to Kansas Soybean Breeding Program 2017 $35,000
Integrating Germplasm Evaluation, Genetic Engineering, Breeding and High-Throughput Phenotyping to Improve Sustainability of Soybean Production 2017 $265,959
SDS: Resistance Screening, ILeVO Treatment, Survival on Corn Residue, and Pathogen Variability 2017 $37,800
Small Unmanned Aircraft thermal infrared imaging system to identify soybean drought tolerant varieties 2017 $47,560
Breaking Barriers: Developing Tools for Moving Kansas Irrigated Soybeans Beyond 70 2016 $49,265
Cover Crop Effects on Soybean Yield and Soil Properties 2016 $10,652
Development of Genetic, Chemical and Population-Based Tactics to Manage Soybean Stem Borer in Kansas 2016 $64,210
Influences of Planting Date, ILeVO Seed Treatment, Root Structure and Soil Compaction upson SDS in Kansas 2016 $36,568
Cover crops and phosphorus management to protect water quality in corn-soybean rotations 2015 $25,000
Influences of irrigation regimes, planting date, and soil compaction upon SDS in Kansas 2015 $35,153
Managing important components of intensive production systems in soybean 2015 $16,700
Quantification of disease severity of charcoal rot in plant hosts by qPCR 2015 $25,000
Soybean Production Systems to Control Charcoal Rot and Other Soil-Borne Diseases 2015 $15,035
Agronomic maximization of soybean yield and quality 2014 $9,280
Breeding and management of soybean for improved performance 2014 $290,000
Evaluation of micronutrients for high yield soybean production using small plot and strip trial research 2014 $32,570
Irrigation regimes and soil oxygen content: Investigation environmental parameter associated with SDS in Kansas 2014 $29,012
Risk of stacked dicamba and glyphosate resistance in kochia and best management practices 2014 $22,910
Understanding the genetic basis of glyphosate resistance in kochia (K. scoparia) 2014 $31,560
Development of improved systems for machinery data management and analysis data delivery for Kansas farmers 2013 $13,500
Evaluation of commonly grown soybean varieties in Southeast and Western Kansas 2013 $1,949
Phosphorus, secondary and micronutrient fertilization of soybeans in Kansas 2013 $23,431
Using environmental variables to predict soybean aphid problems 2013 $105,998
Engineered resistance to soybean cyst nematode via induced gene silencing (RNAi) 2012 $156,107
Evaluating whole plant health and intensive production systems in soybean 2012 $5,000
Evaluation of soybean inoculant products and techniques to address soybean nodulation problems in Kansas 2012 $23,685
Improving yields of double crop soybean with starter and foliar fertilization 2012 $31,909
Managing glyphosate-resistant kochia in soybeans 2012 $22,425
Soybean response to fungicide and insecticides 2012 $10,000
Specific and Efficient Suppression of Soybean Cyst Nematode in Soybean using Artificial Micro RNA Strategy (Year 1 of 2284) 2012 $69,520
Evaluation of common soybean varieties in southeast Kansas 2011 $1,000
Kansas soybean cyst nematode survey 2011 $9,320
Managing marestail in no-till soybean systems 2011 $5,244
Understanding soybean seed, seedling, and root pathogens in Kansas 2011 $35,115
Development of farm management data systems for Kansas farmers 2010 $15,000
Extension and applied research programs for Kansas soybean production 2010 $4,814
Host-delivered siRNA for Nematode Resistance: Identification and Evaluation of Fertility and Fitness Genes (Year 1 of 0284) 2010 $67,368
Iron deficiency chlorosis in soybean: Effect of soil properties and iron fertilizer application 2010 $33,656
Use of seed and foliar fungicides at two planting dates for soybean production in Kansas 2010 $8,500
Correction of potassium deficiency in no-till and strip-till soybean production 2009 $7,500
Development of soybean host plant resistance and other management options for the soybean stem borer 2009 $35,000
Enhancement of soybean through genetic engineering 2009 $57,072
Influence of soils, nutrition, and water relations upon charcoal rot disease processes in Kansas 2009 $34,759
Soybean variety and germ plasm improvement 2009 $225,000