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Name:University of Wisconsin

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Use of Novel SCN Resistance Traits 2020 $242,993
Improving integrated management strategies for white mold of soybean 2018 $47,000
Biology and control of Sclerotinia stem rot of soybean 2016 $88,700
Improving our understanding of stem canker and how to manage it in soybean across the Midwest 2016 $50,000
Characterizing efficacy of in-furrow inputs for enhanced soybean yield 2015 $23,575
Characterizing giant ragweed resistance to herbicides 2015 $25,844
Determining the importance of the Soybean Vein Necrosis Disease (SVND) in Wisconsin 2015 $33,112
Identification of resistance sources to Sclerotinia stem-rot by deep RNA sequencing 2015 $34,844
Modernization of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer recommendations for soybean 2015 $29,557
Optimizing irrigation management in soybean 2015 $14,495
Revamping obsolete nutrient uptake and soybean maturity group recommendations 2015 $177,658
Tool for screening for resistance against newly emerging soybean viruses 2015 $26,401
Characterizing the effect of Fusarium virguliforme and Fusarium graminearum on Wisconsin soybeans 2014 $26,547
Evaluation and integration of Sclerotinia stem rot-resistant soy breeding 2014 $38,155
Improved Resistance to Soybean Cyst Nematode via Rhg1 and Other Soybean Loci (Year 1 of 1420-532-5643) 2014 $163,364
Improving awareness and management of Charcoal rot in soybean in the North Central Region 2014 $100,000
Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) race-specificity/Hg-type specificity of Rhg1 2014 $40,000
Cost benefit analysis of seed treatment fungicides and nematicides in soybean 2013 $0
Defining key parameters that drive prescription soybean seeding rates 2013 $20,530
Determining incidence of Fusarium virguliforme in Wisconsin soils 2013 $14,940
Mechanisms of plant resistance to soybean aphid and resistance defeating aphid biotypes 2013 $12,600
Prevalence and impact of Pratylenchus penetrants on soybean in loamy textured soils 2013 $11,015
Screen soy lines for resistance to stem diseases 2013 $37,047
Soybean aphid: Thinking outside the crop 2013 $10,780
Characterizing soybean yield advancements: The decade study 2012 $19,731
Evaluation of soybean plant and seed nutrient concentrations 2012 $23,906
Field screening of soilborne pathogens of soybean 2012 $24,020
Preventing virulence shifts in Wisconsin's populations of SCN 2012 $23,548
Soybean yield response to trait and management 2012 $23,800
Cost-benefit analysis of seed treatment fungicides and nematicides in soybean 2011 $17,000
Improved management of Sclerotinia stem rot in the North Central Region 2011 $90,000
Wisconsin soybean yield contest 2011 $17,800
Characterizing soybean yield response to Rhizobial inoculants 2010 $38,394
Evaluation of stress tolerance of soybean varieties in Wisconsin 2010 $21,870
Identification of genes/loci for control of soybean cyst nematode 2010 $59,797
Long term efficacy and viability of Coniothyrium minitians (Contans) for white mold control in soybean 2010 $30,982
Methods to screen soybean lines for resistance to stem diseases 2010 $37,400
Pest status of root lesion nematode in soybean 2010 $13,986
Biological control of the soybean aphid in Wisconsin 2009 $10,514
Deploying the PI 88788 source of resistance to manage SCN 2009 $21,165
Foliar fungicides to study the epidemiology of Cercospora kikuchii 2009 $30,000
Glyphosate effect on manganese availability and yield loss in glyphosate-resistant soybeans 2009 $15,000
Grain composition of Wisconsin 2009 $13,348
Interaction between soybean cyst nematode, brown stem rot and sudden death syndrome 2009 $40,000
Root lesion nematode: Nibbler or major pest 2009 $10,000
Soybean cyst nematode testing and education 2009 $13,000
Soybean pathology research 2009 $29,030
Soybean Plant Health website 2009 $10,000
Soybean production systems in Wisconsin: A grower survey to identify key research and extension needs 2009 $10,243
Soybean stem health 2009 $43,500
Strategies to reduce soybean cyst nematode populations in corn/soybean rotations 2009 $12,997
Yield response of soybean lines resistant to the soybean aphids and viruses 2009 $23,225