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Name:Auburn University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Optimizing Soy Based Marine Fish Feeds for Florida Pompano 2022 $65,325
Stink bug management: Key for economic soybean production in Alabama 2021 $15,000
Optimizing and Demonstrating Soy-Based Feeds for Shrimp with Acoustic Technologies 2020 $133,074
A decision support tool for phosphorus application in soybean fields that have a “high” soil test phosphorus rating 2019 $18,049
AAES & ACES Information Transfer to Alabama Row Crop Producers 2019 $12,000
Alabama Row Crops Short Course 2019 $10,000
Amount and timing of nitrogen release from poultry litter in soybean production system 2019 $20,000
Attaining high yields under variable water availability conditions 2019 $19,117
Building a disease-related gene expression catalog that can be used for disease diagnosis and genetic improvement. 2019 $14,000
Conducting Large Scale Drift Study to Demonstrate the Off-Target Movement Potential of New Dicamba Formulation 2019 $22,000
Developing Optimal Management Strategies for Key Insect Pests of Soybeans 2019 $30,000
Disease and management of members of the Fusarium solani species complex infecting soybean fields in Alabama 2019 $6,627
Drone Image Assessment to Improve Variable Rate Irrigation 2019 $8,500
Effect of rhizobial ACC deaminase on soybean root nodulation 2019 $10,000
Effects of a soy based diet on Pacific White Shrimp 2019 $140,000
Evaluation of Fungicide Programs with Large-scale Strip Tests 2019 $7,500
Evaluation of Fungicides for Control of Asian Soybean Rust and Other Foliar Diseases of Soybeans 2019 $3,000
Evaluation of Soybean Seed Treatments and In-Furrow Fungicide Applications 2019 $5,000
Harnessing suppressive soils to engineer microbiome of biotic-stress tolerant soybean 2019 $15,000
Improvement of Irrigation Strategies for Alabama Black Belt Soils 2019 $8,000
Improving Soil Quality in Alabama 2019 $6,250
Investigation of the causes of low nutrient concentrations in high-yielding soybean cultivars 2019 $19,440
Isolation of soybean resistance (tolerance) genes against plant parasitic nematodes 2019 $13,000
Remote Sensing Technologies for Non-Contact Soybean Phenotyping 2019 $9,000
Soybean Breeding- Cultivar development 2019 $80,000
Soybean Varietal Response to Saflufenacil (Sharpen Herbicide) 2019 $7,500
Studying the effect of high night temperature in soybean 2019 $18,837
Support for Precision Agriculture Extension programs 2019 $5,000
Support of Long-Term Crops Research 2019 $10,000
Sustainable Production and Economic Performance of Culturing Hybrid Catfish in an In-Pond Raceway System 2019 $99,905
System biology of plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)-induced drought tolerance in soybean. 2019 $24,400
Systematic Optimization of Yield-Enhancing Applications 2019 $7,000
Variable Rate Irrigation Based on Soil Sampling and Sensor Techniques 2019 $10,000
Automated Feeding Systems for Improved Shrimp Production 2018 $121,117
Development of Digestibility Matrix for SBM in Pacific White Shrimp 2017 $65,646
Aquaculture Critical Control Points 2016 $100,000
Determination of Methionine Requirement and Efficacy of Methionine Supplements for Pacific White Shrimp Reared on Soy Based Diets 2016 $67,027
Effect of Pellet Size, Extrusion Technology and Water Temperature on Taurine Leaching In Soy-Based Aquafeeds 2016 $55,436
Improved Feed Management for Shrimp Use Automation Feeders 2016 $117,419
Improving High Soy Feed Formulations Supplemented with Taurine in US Marine Fish Feeds 2016 $78,960
The Soybean Sentinel Plot Disease Monitoring and Mapping Program (1620-532-5663) 2016 $220,000
Alabama farmers talk about GMOs video 2015 $5,000
APP Development for Alabama crop production 2015 $3,000
Determining optimal timing for Kudzu Bug insecticide applications to soybeans to prevent yield loss and maximize soybean profits 2015 $7,500
Determining the relationship of Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus with morning glory and other weeds in soybean fields in Alabama 2015 $9,300
Determining which insecticide provides the most cost-effective Control of soybean loopers infesting soybeans 2015 $8,000
Effect of planting date on Kudzu Bug infestation level and economic loss in Alabama soybeans 2015 $7,500
Effects of neonicotinoid seed treatments and foliar sprays on Kudzu Bugs and other insect pests infesting soybeans 2015 $5,000
Evaluation of fungicide programs with large-scale strip tests 2015 $7,500
Fertilizer source effects on weed species composition, density, growth and corn yield in yield and greenhouse studies 2015 $10,000
Fertilizer spread uniformity of formulate products with spinner spreaders 2015 $4,400
Glyphosate resistant horseweed control provided by wheat 2015 $8,000
Identification of soybean cyst nematode "races" in Alabama 2015 $0
Identifying soybean rust-resistant & susceptible kudzu populations to increase monitoring efficiency 2015 $8,000
Impact of seed meter and placement technology on planter performance 2015 $5,300
Improving soil quality/productivity 2015 $5,000
Monitoring for fungicide-resistant strains of Frogeye Leaf Spot in North Alabama 2015 $5,000
Monitoring for Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus, a new disease of soybean in Alabama 2015 $8,500
Precision agriculture eight-hour online course 2015 $3,750
Restoration of antique Frick thresher 2015 $5,000
Root knot nematode species identification for soybeans 2015 $10,000
Soil type and irrigation effects on reniform nematode damage to soybean 2015 $10,000
Soybean variety trial with nematicides to boost yield potential 2015 $10,000
The effects of rates and timing of sharpen herbicide applications on soybean variety yields 2015 $10,000
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Roundup Ready soybean 2014 $8,000
Agriculture Discovery Day 2013 $5,500
Effects of Dimilin alone, Dimilin plus boron and Dimilin plus a fungicide on soybean insect populations and yields 2013 $9,250
Initial and residual efficacy of belay insecticide in controlling stink bugs infesting soybeans 2013 $7,000
Soybean virus effects on seed production and quality 2013 $10,000
Yield response of soybeans to the low analysis fertilizer elevate and the soil amendment microfix 2013 $8,000
Yield response to seeding rates for soybeans 2013 $15,000
Agriculture Education and Field Day 2012 $5,000
Effectiveness of wild pig trap door designs 2012 $2,500
Evaluating the potential for blended fertilizer segregation during application with spinner spreaders 2012 $7,500
Evaluation of the effect of the humic acid product C-Cat (carbon-catalyst) on soybean yields 2012 $7,000
Herbicide resistance management in conservation-tillage soybean 2012 $8,000
On-farm management of herbicide resistant weeds 2012 $7,500
Surveying Alabama soybean fields for new insect pests and monitoring the status of established pests 2012 $7,500
The Sentinel Plot Monitoring Program for Early Detection of Soybean Rust (2269) 2012 $330,550
Variable-orifice nozzle evaluation 2012 $4,700
Deer and hog mega fence 2011 $5,000
Determining time of infection and incidence of soybean viruses in commercial fields 2011 $8,000
Effects of Dimilin alone, Dimilin plus boron and Dimilin plus a fungicide on soybean insect populations and viruses 2011 $9,250
Evaluation of automatic section control technology for agricultural sprayers 2011 $6,500
Extracting valuable economic risk information from historical soybean variety trial and state statistically data 2011 $2,500
Large scale fungicide strip test evaluations 2011 $6,000
Lodging and yield response of soybeans following wheat when wheat is fertilized with poultry litter 2011 $10,000
Soybean nematode damage study 2011 $10,000
Support of Extension precision agriculture program 2011 $5,000
In-field training of regional extension agronomy agents to enhance soybean insect management programs in Alabama 2010 $9,750
Increasing adoption of Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) technology in Alabama 2010 $7,000
Maintenance and expansion of the ACES/Auburn University website for Alabama crops 2010 $5,000
Precision ag and field crops day 2010 $2,500
Soybean Disease Survey 2010 $6,000
Soybean improvement and germ plasm enhancement 2010 $10,000
Soybean virus-nematode interaction study 2010 $5,000
Support of long-term field research with soybean 2010 $1,000
Utilizing farm data for managing zone creation 2010 $1,500
Weighing grain buggy for large-scale test 2010 $5,000
Breeding improved soybean cultivars for Alabama 2009 $16,000
Conservation tillage systems: Production, profitability and stewardship 2009 $6,000
Determining the economic threshold for complexes of insect pests that feed on soybeans 2009 $8,750
Economic consequences of using insecticidal seed treatments on soybeans 2009 $3,500
Evaluation of fungicides for control of Asian Soybean Rust 2009 $15,000
Evaluation of weed suppression provided by a high-residue clover cover in conservation-tillage soybean 2009 $5,000
Monitoring soybean sentinel fields throughout Alabama for early detection of Soybean Rust 2009 $2,000
New soybean inoculants for Alabama 2009 $4,000
Soybean production tools for Alabama 2009 $12,000