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Name:Mississippi State University

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Characterize root microbial communities with anti-fungal activities in soybean 2021 $122,001
2,4-D and dicamba resistant soybeans: stewardship and testing 2019 $41,472
Assessing soybean injury from dicamba applications using multispectral imaging on a small UAV 2019 $13,200
Breeding Soybeans for Resistance to Mature Soybean Seed Damage (1920-172-0125-C) 2019 $249,896
Characterization of antifungal activity of endophytic bacteria associated with the charcoal rot disease system in soybean 2019 $36,355
Characterization of soybean taproot decline pathogen; a new disease and pathogen in Mississippi soybean production fields 2019 $80,972
Completion of molecular characterization of charcoal rot fungus mycoviruses 2019 $23,500
Crop rotation and risk management for Miss. soybean production 2019 $35,200
Delta Agricultural Weather Center 2019 $30,000
Dicamba volatility under field conditions 2019 $43,475
Effect of cover cropping systems on dryland soybean plant vigor, growth, and yield, 2019 $62,328
Enhancement of Mississippi Soybean Variety Trials through entry standardization 2019 $42,661
Evaluation of Palmer amaranth control with summer and winter annual cover crops alone and coupled with herbicides 2019 $40,860
Evaluation of the effects of flooding on soybean growth and yield 2019 $11,811
Herbicide efficacy and economic return as affected by Precision Agricultural Technology 2019 $46,560
Identification of mycotoxins used in soybean root infection by charcoal rot pathogen and other fungi 2019 $62,961
Understanding in-field soil moisture variability and its effect on irrigation 2019 $49,815
Using weeds as a resource to develop herbivore-resistant soybean 2019 $66,590
Video support for Mississippi soybean producers 2019 $16,259
Influence of cover crops on early season insect pest dynamics in Mississippi soybeans 2018 $50,121
Agronomic and Economic Evaluation of Soybean/Corn Rotation with Twin-Row Production and Increased Nutrient Management 2017 $26,427
Agronomic and Irrigation Efficiency Impacts of Conservation Tillage and Cover Crops in Soybean Production: Three-Year Results 2017 $1
Effect of Incremental Sub-Threshold Levels of Insect Defoliation on Yield of Soybeans in Mississippi 2017 $71,858
Effects of the Introduction of Feed Grains into Mid-South Soybean Production Systems (1720-172-0122) 2017 $51,050
Improved Management of Charcoal Rot 2017 $346,578
Redbanded Stink Bugs: An Immediate Threat to Miss. Soybean Producers 2017 $29,043
Blaine Fellowship-Managing charcoal rot using soil incorporated nutrients 2015 $70,800
Costs and benefits of on-farm water storage (OFWS) systems 2015 $67,896
Effect of spray additives on spray droplet size, coverage, and efficacy 2015 $15,131
Effects of the introduction of feed grains into Mid-South soybean production systems 2015 $201,000
Irrigation water management for Southern Region soybean growers 2015 $50,000
Irrigation Water Management for Southern Region Soybean Growers (1520-732-7233) 2015 $461,270
Nematode management investigations in Mississippi soybean production systems 2015 $38,808
Soybean physiological maturity: documentation and developing a tool for management 2015 $100,718
Soybean storage profitability and marketing strategies for Mississippi soybean growers 2015 $30,792
Web application for flexible pipe calculation system 2015 $26,487
Assessing the impact of the new farm bill on Mississippi soybean farms 2014 $28,280
Bee project: Assessing impact of neonicotinoid (NEO) seed treatments on pollinators 2014 $53,467
Characterization of endophytic microbial communities associated with charcoal rot disease in soybean 2014 $55,157
Characterization of the resistance potential for the diamide insecticides: Belt and Prevathon 2014 $33,466
Developing strategies for improving furrow irrigation efficiency 2014 $76,301
Evaluation of soybean plant response to tillage system 2014 $12,000
Impact of irrigation initiation timing on plant development and yield of indeterminate and determinate soybean varieties 2014 $48,711
Impact of planting date and maturity group on management strategies for insect pests in Mississippi 2014 $55,694
Impact of Tillage and Residue Management on Soil Biodiversity Under Soybean-Corn Rotation (Year 1 of 1420-732-7234) 2014 $69,804
Investigations into strobilurin fungicide resistance of soybean pathogens in Mississippi 2014 $53,581
Large-scale drift assessment with aerial imagery and ground-based spectral reflectance 2014 $39,966
MSU-ES on-farm soybean variety demonstration program 2014 $46,118
Nematode management investigations and varietal response to nematode pressure in old cotton field settings 2014 $39,192
Response and net profit of genetically enhanced and conventional soybean varieties to fertilizer amendments on low nutrient soils in rain fed and irrigated production systems 2014 $57,434
Row crop irrigation science extension and research (RISER) program 2014 $136,803
Soybean vein necrosis virus (SVNV), a relatively new soybean pathogen 2014 $49,599
Agronomic and economic evaluation of soybean/corn rotation with twin-row production and increased nutrient management 2013 $14,445
Bufkin Fellowship - Effect of fall-seeded cereal cover crops when used in soybeans for control of Palmer amaranth in Mississippi soybeans 2013 $65,806
Delta agricultural weather project 2013 $22,955
Determining environmental management schemes to influence the development of poor seed quality in MG IV and MG V soybean 2013 $268,506
Determining the effect of low concentrations of dicamba and 2,4-D on soybean growth and yield 2013 $36,975
Developing profitable deficit irrigation guidelines for Mississippi soybean production systems 2013 $52,301
Developing scientific irrigation scheduling methods for Mississippi soybean production systems 2013 $34,977
Development of agricultural applications for use on Apple iPhone and iPad 2013 $10,000
Estimation of deer damage to soybean production in Mississippi: A spatial and temporal context 2013 $68,186
Evaluation of commodity programs, crop insurance, and forward pricing alternatives for Mississippi soybean farms 2013 $30,726
Evaluation of effects of residual glyphosate and its soil metabolites on growth and development of soybeans 2013 $15,000
Mitigating herbicide spray drift under field conditions 2013 $37,179
Soybean management by application of research and technology (SMART): Support of on-farm soybean verification programs and other extension activities 2013 $139,319
Three-cornered alfalfa hopper (TCAH) management in soybeans 2013 $9,455
Video support for Mississippi soybean producers 2013 $15,430
Yield and economic responses of soybean to irrigation initiation on clay soil in Mississippi 2013 $25,322
Corn and soybean crop residue management impact on soil quality, yield, and returns 2012 $21,000
Evaluation of farm policy alternatives for Mississippi soybean farms 2012 $35,375
Evaluation of the impact of fertility and fungicide application timing for the prevention of Phomopsis seed decay (and late season Cercospora) 2012 $62,550
Improving soybean nutrient management using timely soil testing programs 2012 $10,480
Irrigation use and efficiency in soybean production systems in Mississippi 2012 $47,440
Lepidopteron insect pest management in soybeans 2012 $39,000
On-farm validation of the Mississippi irrigation scheduler tool (MIST) 2012 $64,310
Preventing seed rot and poor seed quality in MG IV soybean 2012 $128,260
Rapid ID of soybean fungi by spectroscopic techniques 2012 $75,045
Soybean disease monitoring for Mississippi soybean producers 2012 $61,500
The influence of long-term glyphosate use in soybean 2012 $15,750
The Mississippi YIELD project 2012 $161,260
Validity of current K recommendations for high yielding soybeans with respect to grain yield and disease control 2012 $30,922
Biology and management of herbicide resistant/tolerant weeds in Mississippi 2011 $50,000
Economic analysis and practicality of crop insurance programs for Mississippi soybean producers and economic assessment of potential soybean production in southeast Mississippi 2011 $34,877
Irrigation use and efficiency and the sustainability of soil and water resources in soybean production systems in Mississippi 2011 $75,000
Management and ecology of redbanded stink bug 2011 $38,450
Managing soybean production on low nutrient status soils in Mississippi 2011 $37,631
Managing transgenic crops as weeds in soybean cropping systems 2011 $34,000
Addressing agronomic and management issues related to soybean production and soil loam soils 2010 $23,000
Characterization of alternative soybean storage practices and their effects on post-harvest quality 2010 $30,500
Control, characterization and identification of potential novel resistance of the late-season soybean disease Cercospora leaf blight and frogeye leaf spot 2010 $53,475
Development of a rapid genetic field race test for soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and generation of SCN resistance through gene inactivation 2010 $54,850
Internet access to soybean information in Mississippi 2010 $2,000
Management of seed rot and poor seed quality with insecticides and fungicides combinations in soybean 2010 $45,000
Maximizing Soybean Yield Potential and Profitability: Surpassing the Recent Plateau (Year 1 of 0287) 2010 $45,000
Mississippi soybean basis: Changes, impacts and implications 2010 $18,720
Seeking the cause of bud proliferation syndrome in Mississippi 2010 $16,500
Soybean rust monitoring 2010 $70,000
Survey of Mississippi Delta for the spread and distribution of glyphosate resistant and other herbicide resistant weeds 2010 $33,136
Addressing critical soybean weed control issues in Mississippi 2009 $60,000
Economics of soybean maturity groups' yield response to insecticides seed treatments with early planting dates 2009 $35,954
Enhancement of Mississippi soybean trials through entry standardization 2009 $36,000
Establishing an economic threshold for late-season stink bugs 2009 $7,733
Establishment, colonization, toxin production and development of the charcoal rot fungus, Macrophomina phaseolina, on soybean during the disease life cycle-toxin: Basic biology for control 2009 $23,000
Evaluation of critical shattering time of early-maturity soybeans under early soybean production systems 2009 $5,000
Evaluation of private and public soybean varieties and breeding lines for resistance to stem canker, frogeye leaf spot, purple leaf and pod stain, black root rot and rust 2009 $49,089
Impact of fungicides and production systems on the management of soybean rust and other diseases in Mississippi soybeans 2009 $75,500
Impact of insect pests on soybean yields at different growth stages 2009 $65,000
Impact of starter fertilizers on growth and yield of March, April, and May-planted soybean 2009 $43,875
Impact of tillage, raised seedbed, corn rotation, fungicides, twin-rows, and seedling rates within various row configurations for soybean production in Mississippi 2009 $43,875
Screening soybean varieties for resistance to the soybean cyst nematode and reniform nematode to enhance soybean production 2009 $17,250
Soybean management for application of research and technology program: Collaborative initiative through Mississippi State and private consulting sector 2009 $119,431
Use of seed and in-furrow applied fungicides to suppress the development of soybean rust and charcoal rot 2009 $18,690
Viruses of soybean in Mississippi: A case study 2009 $21,414