University of Maryland


Associated Projects

Year Project Name Funded
2023 Case Study Testing Effectiveness of Deer Repellents under Extreme Deer Grazing $13,010
2023 Evaluation of Burndown Treatments for Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Full and Double Crop Soybeans $7,701
2023 Integrating Flame-Weeding for Early Season Weed Control in Soybean $14,343
2023 Participation in National Evaluation of Soybean Biological Seed Treatments $10,436
2023 Spring management of cover crops - how termination timing effects soybean growth and yield $27,086
2023 Understanding the Farm Estate Planning and Succession Planning Needs in Maryland $2,000
2022 Effect of planting date on seasonal timing of pest complexes and insecticide efficacy $19,548
2022 Evaluating Deer Preferences for Soybean Varieties and Soybean Response to Deer Herbivory $9,896
2022 Management of Herbicide Resistant Italian Ryegrass and Other Problem Weeds Prior to Soybean Planting $11,723
2022 Planting into green cover crops to reduce deer grazing of soybean seedlings $12,073
2021 Efficacy of Herbicides, Timing, and Tank Mixes on Novel Herbicide Tolerant Traits in MD Soybean Systems $7,371
2021 Evaluating Earlier Planting Dates for Increased Soybean Yields $9,767
2021 Evaluating soybean variety performance and response to deer grazing $8,258
2021 Soybean Fungicide Efficacy, Profitability, and Pest Resistance Over Time $13,098
2021 University of Maryland Soybean Variety Trials – Check Varieties $11,391
2020 Aerial Application of Pesticides & Cover Crop Seeding Using Drones $3,186
2020 Developing an interactive web app for calculating soybean crop budgets $8,067
2020 Evaluating Novel Herbicide Tolerant Traits in MD Soybean Systems $7,850
2020 Fertilizing Cover Crops - Do You Have to Put Some In to Get More Out? $22,570
2020 Strategies for Reduced Herbicide Input and Herbicide Resistant Weed Control in Soybean $8,361
2019 Effects of Planting Population on Yield in Full Season Soybeans $1,840
2019 Evaluating Germination Patterns of Horseweed in the Mid-Atlantic Region $2,937
2019 Evaluation of Growth-Promoting Products for Soybean Production in Maryland $5,426
2019 Evaluation of Miravis Fungicide for Soybean Production in Maryland $4,869
2019 Improving Detection of Dectes Stem Borer for Developing Spray Recommendations in Soybeans $16,895
2019 Incidences, Densities, Races, and Virulence of Soybean Nematodes in Maryland $21,608
2019 Managing Herbicide Resistant Common Ragweed Emergence and Growth in Soybeans $9,323
2019 Phosphorus Runoff from No-Till Soils: Do Cover Crops Make It Better or Worse? $18,219
2019 Reducing Deer Damage to Soybean Using Forage Soybean as Biological Fencing $15,280
2018 Assessing the Impacts of Row Spacing and Fungicide Timing on Disease Control and Profitability in Double Crop Soybean Production Systems $2,051
2018 Evaluate the Effect of Two Agronomic Management Factors on Double Crop Small Grain and Soybean Yield and Quality $6,303
2018 Identification of New Sources of Resistance/Tolerance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum among Soybean Germplasm Showing Resistance to Phytophthora sojae (root rot) $22,952
2018 Reducing Deer Damage to Corn using Forage Soybean as Biological Fencing $12,578
2018 Row Spacing & Fungicide Timing on Disease Control & Profitability in Double Crop Soybeans $5,605
2017 Developing a Management Program for the Dectes Stem Borer by Finding and Targeting Its Weak Links $24,855
2017 Enhancing Soy Consumption in Human Foods through Science-based Approaches $10,000
2017 Evaluate the Effect of Early and Late Maturing Wheat Cultivars and Early High Moisture Wheat Harvest on Wheat and Double Crop Soybean Yield and Quality $15,624
2017 Evaluation of Fungicide Seed Treatments $2,950
2017 Improvement of Soybean Protein Functionality Using Chemical and Nanotechnology as Approaches $10,000
2017 Integrated Strategies to Manage Herbicide Resistant Weeds in MD Soybean Systems $6,457
2017 Maximizing Yield and Quality of Mid-Atlantic Soybean Production with Soil Sulfur Management $12,000
2017 Plant Early Kill Late – Extend the Green to Get More from Cover Crops $12,000
2016 Agronomic And Economic Evaluation of Prominent Varieties Recommended by Local Seed Dealers with Maryland State Variety Trials $6,450
2016 Development Phenology of Kudzu Bugs and Its Degree-Day Requirements for Colonization of Soybeans In Maryland $5,276
2016 Efficacy Trial of Pre-Plant Residual Herbicides For Control of Palmer Amaranth $6,165
2016 Evaluating Double Crop Soybean Maturity Groups Grown Under Irrigation $7,043
2016 Impact of Repeated Use of Neonicotinoid Treated Seed in Grain Crop Rotations on Non-target Invertebrates & Soil Microbes $26,000
2016 Improving Double Crop Soybean Performance With Earlier Harvest of Wheat $11,656
2016 Mixing Soybeans and Algae for Fish Food $5,000
2016 Neonicotinoid Seed Treatment, Seeding Rate & Cropping System Effects on Soybean Growth, Yield Quality & Returns $9,090
2016 Soybean Stover for Direct Catalytic Conversion To Biofuels & Enhanced Photosynthesis, Seed Yield & Mineral Availability $20,500
2015 Check Varieties Within Maryland Soybean Variety Trials $6,300
2015 Determine the Highest Yielding Maturity Group Soybeans with Irrigation at an Early And Late Double Crop Planting Date $8,370
2015 Impact of Repeated Use of Neonicotinoid Treated Seed in Grain Crop Rotations on Non-target Invertebrates & Soil Microbes $25,962
2015 Overwintering Survival of Kudzu Bugs and Its Degree-Day Requirements for Colonization of Soybeans In Maryland $6,550
2015 Response of Full Season Irrigated Soybean To Poultry Manure $10,646
2014 Assessing maturity and planting date for dry land double crop soybean $10,710
2014 Deep soil nutrients: A neglected resource for profitability and environmental stewardship $24,426
2014 Enhanced yield and quality of soybean by sulfur fertility management $16,075
2014 Evaluating the use of tillage radish cover crop to mitigate soil compaction and improve other ecosystem services in soybean $10,000
2013 Barley residue and herbicide practices: Effect on habitat insects, weeds, soil moisture content and soybean yield $14,300
2013 Detection and preparation for the invasive soybean pest: The kudzu bug $12,215
2013 Evaluation of full season and double crop soybean to potassium fertilizer placement and rates $9,420
2013 Maximizing yield and quality of Mid-Atlantic soybean production with soil sulfur management $7,625
2013 Refinement of a visual count sampling method and threshold trigger for perimeter treatment to control the brown marmorated stink bug on soybean $7,566
2013 Response of soybean yield and quality to recent "low rate high efficiency fertilizer programs" being marketed to growers $3,185
2012 A novel process to reduce phytoestergens, phytate, trypsin inhibitors and oligosaccharides in soy-based products $10,000
2012 Biology, Distribution, and Management of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) in Soybean (Year 1 of 2254) $88,108
2012 Evaluating full season soybean maturity groups grown under irrigation $6,290
2012 Evaluation of plant growth and plant health regulations on agronomic performance of soybean $5,650
2012 Investigation of soybean vein necrosis virus $5,000
2012 Using marigold as a flowering plant to attract natural enemies of the brown marmorated stink bug in soybean fields $11,000
2011 Effect of habitat manipulation on brown marmorated stink bug and weed management, soil quality and soybean $12,000
2011 Evaluating the use of pelleted composted bio solids to repel deer from soybean $2,500
2011 Long term control of the brown marmorated stink bug through NRA interference $18,000
2011 Response of full season soybean to nitrogen fertilizer $9,175
2011 Role of fungicides on mitigation of disease and non-disease induced plant stress $14,000
2010 Control of perennial weeds in buffer strips (RP/CREP land) $3,500
2010 Evaluation of several foliar fertilizer programs currently being marketed to growers for improving grain yields in single crop and double crop soybeans $4,500
2010 Full season and double crop production performance of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybean varieties $8,650
2010 Soybean rust monitoring and training $7,125
2010 Value-added application of Delmarva soybean $10,000
2009 Assessment of below ground pests of tilled and untilled soybean and potential for biocontrol $14,856
2009 Development of value-added utilization of Maryland-grown soybean varieties in nutraceutical ingredients and functional foods $24,000
2009 Effects of cereal cover crops on full season soybean production $3,500
2009 Impact of Italian rye grass on above and below ground organisms inhabiting soybean fields $15,000
2008 Assessment of the potential damage and economic impact of Phytophagous stink bugs on soybean in Maryland $11,433
2008 Develop modified oil and protein soybeans for Maryland $0
2008 Effect of soybean maturity in full season system on nitrogen availability for small grain (wheat) production $10,800
2008 Food and specialty trait soybean variety tests $3,500
2008 Management of glyphosate-resistant weeds in soybeans $3,500
2008 Post-emergence, pre-emergence or pre-emergence followed by post-emergence: Which is better? $3,500
2008 Response of soybeans to Strobiluria class of fungicides (Headline, Quadris) $10,000
2008 Soybean variety evaluation and development $3,500
2008 Utilizing conservation tillage to minimize nutrient losses from poultry litter applied in grain production $5,000
2008 Weed management programs utilizing Liberty-Link soybeans $3,500