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Name:University of Tennessee-Institute of Agriculture
Knoxville, TN37996

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
2019 Breeding Soybean for durable resistance to emerging nematode populations combined with fungal diseases in TN 2019 $35,000
Application of next-generation sequencing technology for accelerating soybean breeding for high yield and disease resistance 2019 $35,000
Economic and environmental impact of dual-use cover crop species in Tennessee no-till soybean/corn rotations 2019 $45,000
Genome editing and engineering pipeline 2019 $40,000
Genotype Identification for drought tolerance traits: Exploring soybean water saving potential among Tennessee varieties 2019 $25,000
Impact of Sulfur Fertilization on Soybean Seed Protein and Amino Acids and Yield (Year 1 of 1920-152-0112) 2019 $33,961
Increased soybean yield potential through enhanced root architecture and biochemistry 2019 $30,000
Investigating Potential Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for Soybean Production in Tennessee 2019 $15,000
Molecular approaches to discover soybean resistance genes against soybean cyst nematode 2019 $55,000
Molecular introgression of the stem termination gene governing indeterminate plant growth habit 2019 $30,000
Pathogenic viruses of soybean cyst nematode as potential bio-control agents 2019 $20,000
Phenotyping recombinant inbred soybean lines (RIL) to identify molecular markers associated with charcoal rot resistance. 2019 $30,000
Promoting Irrigation Scheduling Methods for Soybean with Tennessee Crop Consultants and UT Extension Agents 2019 $12,500
Research and Extension Support for Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds 2019 $110,000
Screening of soybean varieties, breeding lines for charcoal rot, frogeye leaf spot and Phomopsis seed decay resistance 2019 $25,000
Soybean Agronomics- Cultural Practices and Fertility for Yield Enhancement 2019 $45,000
Soybean Breeding & Genetics 2019 $75,000
Soybean Irrigation: Appropriate Timing and Amount for the Variable Soils of Tennessee 2019 $25,000
Soybean Pathology - Foliar and Soil Disease Monitoring and Management 2019 $120,000
Soybean yields under stress combinations from charcoal rot disease and high atmospheric evaporative demand 2019 $15,000
Technical Support for UT Variety Testing Program 2019 $46,900
Technical Support of Soybean Specialist 2019 $22,000
Economic and Environmental Impact of Multi-Use Cover Crop Species In Tennessee No-Till Soybean/Corn Rotation 1920-172-0125-C)( 2018 $116,604
Improving Drought Adaptation by Insertion of Limited Transpiration Trait Into Soybean Varieties in the Upper Mid-South of the US (1820-172-0118-B) 2018 $50,806
Large plot evaluation of variable rate irrigation scheduling for soybean: Timing and amount 2018 $5,000
Long-Term Effects of Cover Crops and Crop Rotations on Soil Health and Water Availability (1820-172-0132-B) 2018 $36,008
Characterization of soybean protein kinases for drought resistance 2015 $30,000
Development of a soybean marketing guide for Tennessee producers 2015 $9,983
Development of gene silencing to control kudzu bug in soybean 2015 $30,604
Establishing cover crops for sustainable soybean production 2015 $19,500
Evaluation of soybean cultivars and foliar fungicides for control of Soybean Diseases 2015 $59,250
Improving management practices for fungicide resistant Cercospora sojina, the causal agent of frogeye leaf spot disease 2015 $55,000
Increase soybean yield by over expressing a "large seed" gene 2015 $10,000
Increasing soybean yield by enhancing flower visitation of insect pollinators using a molecular genetic approach 2015 $32,380
Molecular breeding of high oleic soybean adapted to Tennessee 2015 $35,118
Soybean scout schools 2015 $6,681
Sustainability of Tennessee soybean production 2015 $17,500
Developing a new genetic system to discover major soybean resistance genes against soybean cyst nematode 2014 $31,932
Evaluating the Influence of High-yield Techniques on Yield Components in a Production Environment (Year 1 of 1420-832-8278) 2014 $34,795
Evaluation of soybean cultivars and foliar fungicides for control of strobiliurin resistant frogeye leaf spot 2014 $50,006
Improving soybean irrigation scheduling for optimal yield 2014 $24,713
Increasing soybean production profitability using precision agriculture 2014 $21,500
Statewide soybean disease monitoring sentinel support 2014 $20,830
Technological, agronomic, and foliar nutrient effects on MG IV and V soybean 2014 $16,517
The bee project: Evaluating insecticide risks to pollinator results from the use of neonicotinoid seed treatments 2014 $25,000
Evaluation of soybean cultivars and foliar fungicides for control of strobiliurin resistant frogeye leaf spot 2013 $25,510
Improved plant response to potash fertilization through control of root-pruning seeding diseases 2013 $30,724
Improving soybean irrigation timing in Tennessee 2013 $10,000
Increasing soybean production profitability using precision agriculture 2013 $21,500
Automated tractor guidance 2012 $12,500
Managing soybean cyst nematode in high risk fields 2012 $16,743
Transformation of soybean with broad-spectrum stress tolerance gene POCTH22 2012 $42,018
Advisory program for management of soybean cyst nematode 2011 $22,750
Confirm weed resistance and examine soybean affects of atrazine residues in bottom land soil 2011 $15,000
GoBeans-A soybean verification program for Tennessee 2011 $17,000
Investigations into the Occurrence, Distribution, and Impact of Nematodes in Soybean Fields in the Southern United States (Year 1 of 1278) 2011 $181,900
Potential management of soybean cyst nematode with Pasteuria nishizawae 2011 $46,198
Research and extension support for management of glyphosate-resistant weeds 2011 $37,700
SNP Discovery of Soybean Yield Chromosomal Regions (Year 1 of 1294) 2011 $54,500
Soybean: The food of our lives 2011 $7,500
Support to purchase equipment to monitor off-target movement of dicamba and 2,4-D 2011 $16,800
Technical support for University of Tennessee's variety testing program 2011 $22,855
Transformation of soybean with broad-spectrum stress tolerance gene PtXTH22 2011 $39,336
Developing novel herbicide-resistant Soybean 2010 $25,000
Evaluation of seed additives for yield enhancement in soybeans 2010 $8,000
Identification and development of diagnostic assays for the causal agent of a new virus disease of soybeans 2010 $20,000
Support for printing of weed support manual for soybeans 2010 $3,000
Support of Asian Soybean Rust Sentinel Program 2010 $20,000
Asian soybean rust (ARS): Training of first detectors and triage personnel 2009 $4,000
Breeding soybeans for durable resistance to emerging nematode populations 2009 $17,000
Combined evaluation of soybean cultivars for resistance to frogeye leafspot (FLS), other diseases, sudden death syndrome (SDS), stem canker, and foliar fungicide efficacy 2009 $31,500
Early detection of Asian rust using real-time PCR 2009 $28,400
Evaluation of optimum plant population 2009 $4,928
Giant ragweed management in no-till soybeans and confirmation of herbicide resistant weeds 2009 $5,000
Interactions of planting dates, seeding rate, and fungicide and insecticide treatments on soybean yield and yield components 2009 $9,300
Management of glyphosate-resistant weeds 2009 $8,500
Molecular approaches to effective management tools against soybean cyst nematode (SCN) 2009 $16,500
Optimizing fertility levels for soybean production 2009 $5,000
Salary for senior plot caretaker 2009 $18,000
Soybean breeding and genetics 2009 $54,813
Support of extension and research IPM efforts 2009 $14,000
Support of multi-county on-farm demonstrations of (CST) county standardized variety and agronomic tests 2009 $12,500
Technical support for soybean specialist 2009 $18,000