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Name:University of Minnesota

Associated Projects

Project TitleYearAmount
Dissecting the genetic and molecular basis of abiotic stress tolerance in Fiskeby III soybean for advancing breeding outcomes (1920-172-0116-C) 2019 $157,612
Genomic Tools to Enable Trait Discovery and Deployment (1920-152-0131-B) 2019 $314,998
Discovering and finally understanding the functions of genes that underlie major agricultural traits in soybean 2018 $100,000
Initiation of a genomic selection pipeline for public soybean breeders in the North Central region 2016 $368,739
Biological control of soybean aphid using Asian parasitoids 2015 $70,000
Characterization and enhancement of soybean genetic resources for soilborne disease resistance 2015 $186,705
Environmental effects (drought and waterlogging) on soybean seed quality 2015 $22,016
Identify novel SCN-resistant and tolerant genes for improving management of the soybean cyst nematode 2015 $90,000
Identifying high-yield genotypes in the USDA soybean germplasm collection 2015 $64,500
Impact of cultivar resistance on virulence phenotypes of the soybean cyst nematode 2015 $30,000
Management by Environment Interactions: Maximizing Yield and Profitability on a National and Local Scale (1520-832-8271) 2015 $61,320
Maximizing soil warming and health under different tillage practices in a corn-soybean rotation 2015 $15,888
Molecular genetics, transformation, marker assisted selection: Use of LUCI1 to manipulate seed composition 2015 $30,000
Pathogenicity and fungicide resistance characteristics of Pythium species isolated in Minnesota soybean fields 2015 $60,000
Screening for and characterizing resistance to soybean aphid in new soybean germplasm 2015 $59,879
Soybean breeding: Expanded soybean cyst nematode and other variety testing 2015 $50,785
Statewide evaluation of a nematicide for control of the soybean cyst nematode 2015 $47,410
Addressing challenges with root and leaf diseases of soybean in Minnesota 2014 $57,720
Developing the technology for breeding SCN-tolerant soybean cultivars 2014 $69,825
Fertility applications for profitable soybean production in Northern Minnesota 2014 $19,700
Identifying the cofactors that improve resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and other yield-limiting stressors 2014 $90,877
Management of two-spotted spider mites in Minnesota soybeans 2014 $29,680
Soybean yield, protein, oil and carbohydrates in northern grown soybeans 2014 $95,950
Biological control of soybean aphids 2013 $63,700
Effects of corn management on subsequent soybean yields 2013 $25,000
Effects of tile drainage on soybean yields and the interaction between drainage and modern soybean genetics and management 2013 $87,340
Equipment support for the soybean production research project 2013 $27,655
Genetic and environmental control of soybean seed quality 2013 $183,000
Genetic and Environmental Control of Soybean Seed Quality (1320-532-5616) 2013 $138,000
Illinois crop composition survey 2013 $15,000
Is seed Iron (Fe) concentration predictive of resistance to iron deficiency in soybean? 2013 $135,840
Occurrence and identification of Pythium species in Minnesota soybean producing areas 2013 $33,596
Phosphorus and potassium management for soybean rotated with corn and iron chlorosis management in soybean 2013 $65,000
Precision Genomics for Soybean Seed Composition (Year 1 of 2506) 2013 $120,073
Quality Measures to Differentiate U.S. Soybeans (1320-832-8273) 2013 $300,000
Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistance and soil fertility management effects on nematodes and crop yields 2013 $100,000
Agronomic Maximization of Soybean Yield and Quality (Year 1 of 2239) 2012 $500,000
An evaluation of genetic and management gains in soybean: Year one 2012 $29,434
Develop effective strategies for management of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) 2012 $110,000
Fast neutron soybean mutagenesis project: Characterization of mutant lines possessing unique compositional characteristics 2012 $5,000
Soybean cultivars responses in interaction with Fusarium species and soybean cyst nematode 2012 $40,000
Soybean management to maximize yields in Minnesota 2012 $80,000
Analysis of soybean fast neutron gene deletion mutants for root architecture 2011 $66,265
Can river bank sediments be a carrier and then a source of available phosphorus in Lake Pepin? 2011 $48,400
Development of a Haploid-Induction System for Soybean (Year 1 of 1293) 2011 $61,130
Factors influencing soybean maturity and resultant effect on yield and late-season soybean aphid populations 2011 $57,142
Remote sensing of soybean aphid populations 2011 $1
A basic monitoring and early warning system for soybean rust in Minnesota 2010 $9,223
Effects of host resistance and fertilizer applications on the soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and soybean yield 2010 $100,000
Expanding the NIR Consortium (0256) 2010 $50,000
Genetic transformation to investigate genes conferring tolerance to soybean iron deficiency chlorosis 2010 $48,000
Identification of Gene Mutations Causing Alterations in Soybean Seed Composition (Year 1 of 0288) 2010 $68,342
Southwest Minnesota soybean tech transfer proposal 2010 $40,000
Soybean aphid: Management, biocontrol, and host plant resistance 2010 $439,778
Soybean breeding and genetics support 2010 $196,877
Using genomics to increase soybean biodiesel yield 2010 $20,000
A candidate gene for maturity group and flowering time in soybeans 2009 $25,000
A Minnesota early warning and management system for soybean rust 2009 $13,000
A possible relationship between soybean vascular disease and soybean aphid populations: preliminary investigation 2009 $5,000
Defining stem and root diseases of soybean in Minnesota for long-term yield enhancement 2009 $45,000
Economic comparison of soybean pest management input programs 2009 $19,500
Evaluating soybean plant introductions and breeding lines for resistance to yield limiting fungal diseases found in Minnesota 2009 $40,000
Expanded soybean cyst nematode and other variety testing 2009 $25,000
Expanded variety development and testing for Northern Minnesota 2009 $25,000
Expanding the NIR Consortium (9256) 2009 $50,000
Exploiting genetic variation in soybean to improve seed composition and yield 2009 $30,000
Forward genetic screen for soybean varieties with improved oil/protein content 2009 $50,000
Gene expression profiling of soybeans with diverse protein/oil content 2009 $55,000
Growing the value of soybeans through enhanced seed quality 2009 $42,000
Identification of soybean cultivars resistant to Fusarium solani 2009 $40,000
Impact of cultivar resistance on virulence phenotypes of the soybean cyst nematode 2009 $70,000
Integrated disease management approaches for limiting yield losses to sudden death syndrome (SDS) in Minnesota 2009 $40,000
Interactive effects of soybean cyst nematode, Mycorrhizal fungi and iron-deficiency on soybean nutrients and growth 2009 $50,000
Management and environmental effects on soybean yield formation and seed quality 2009 $50,000
Management and environmental effects on yield formation and seed quality in Minnesota grown soybeans 2009 $100,000
Managing white mold and other soilborne diseases of soybeans 2009 $27,500
Northwest Minnesota soybean applied research and education project 2009 $31,500
Nutrient management research for profitable soybean production 2009 $50,000
Quantifying diapause level of the soybean cyst nematode for accurate HG-typing 2009 $30,000
Soybean aphid research in Minnesota 2009 $60,000
Soybean breeding and genetics support 2009 $180,000
The impact of non-soybean biomass on early season soybean aphid colonization 2009 $12,000
Traditional and molecular breeding for soybeans resistant to cyst nematode and other diseases 2009 $60,000